Christmas Advent Calendars - ChubbleGumLLC
Christmas Advent Calendars - ChubbleGumLLC
Christmas Advent Calendars - ChubbleGumLLC

Christmas Advent Calendars

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Introducing the Chubble Gum "Surprise Yourself" Advent Calendar because apparently, regular advent calendars just aren't sarcastic enough for you! 🙄

Are you tired of those run-of-the-mill advent calendars that contain predictable chocolates or uninspired toys? Well, prepare to have your mind blown by the epicness of our calendar. It's so unbelievably amazing that it might just make you question your life choices thus far.

Every day, as you tear open one of our calendar presents, you'll be treated to a medley of Chubble Gum's most spectacular products. Brace yourself, because this month-long ( or 12 day long for those with ADHD) journey through the world of cute but moody stationery is about to get lit:

📓 Notebooks: Get ready to write down your profound musings, your epic plans, and your grocery lists in style. Our notebooks are so chic that you'll wonder why you ever used a plain old notepad.

🖍️ Coloring Books: Who needs therapy when you have our coloring books? They'll help you find your inner child, and you'll probably end up coloring outside the lines, just like you do with life.

🔑 Lanyards: Finally, a reason to wear a lanyard every day! With our relatable lanyards, you'll look like a low-level office manager from a '90s sitcom. Plus, they're perfect for holding things that are, well, usually better left forgotten.

📌 Pins: Need a way to express yourself without actually talking to people? Our pins are here to rescue you from awkward social situations. They're like wearable passive-aggression, and we're here for it.

🎉 Stickers: What's an advent calendar without stickers, you ask? Probably a lot less interesting. With our stickers, you can plaster your belongings with images that perfectly capture your complex personality.

But wait, there's more! Each day brings a new surprise, a fresh dose of sarcasm, and a reminder that life should be filled with snark and epic stationery.

So, if you're ready to take your holiday countdown to the next level of sarcasm, grab a Chubble Gum "Surprise Yourself" Advent Calendar now. It's the perfect way to say, "I'm too cool for regular calendars" one eye-rolling day at a time. Get yours today and let the sarcasm flow! 🎄😒

Stickers and Sticker Packs under 20 individual stickers will be sent first-class letter mail without tracking.

If you would like to have tracking on your order, please upgrade your shipping to a package or priority at checkout.

Sticker orders without tracking will not be replaced if not received.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I couldn't wait...

I opened my 12 day advent calendar all at once. I loved what I received, but was disappointed my calendar had no stickers.


I haven't opened anything yet, but I love how it looks. I bought the 12 day one and am super excited.

Jennifer Peacock
Sooooo... I coudn't wait....

I tried... for about 5 minutes after it arrived then caved and opened them all.... I LOVE everything in it!! a few duplicates since I get the monthly box but it worked out great cause now I can share (where as before I kept 99% of the stuff for myself)


Haven't opened it yet but I love it!.

Ann Rowley
Advent Excitement the ChubbleGumLLC way

All I can say is, I bought two, and I can’t wait till December 1st to start opening 1 per day!!!!! And then see who begs to trade with who each time we open one hahahahahaha
Like my brain is squeeeeing with anticipation as if Santa has already dropped a buttload of stuff under my tree all for me 😊

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