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Notepad - My Face Is Not Responsible

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This notepad is the perfect companion for those moments when you just can't hide your true feelings! This feisty little notepad features a sassy fox that's had enough of your chatter. With its snarky caption that reads, "I am not responsible for what my face does when you are talking," it's the ultimate expression of exasperation.

Whether you're dealing with a never-ending monologue or enduring a particularly dull conversation, this notepad has got your back – or rather, your front cover! Let your fox friend do the talking (or rather, eye-rolling) for you, while you sit back and enjoy the show.

Crafted with premium-quality paper, this 5x7 notepad provides ample space for all your note-taking needs. Jot down your to-do lists, doodles, or heartfelt rants – all while basking in the sassy aura of our fox mascot. The smooth paper ensures a delightful writing experience, whether you're using a pen, pencil, or just want to channel your inner fox and scratch some notes with your claws.

Perfect for work, school, or those much-needed moments of self-expression, this notepad will bring a much-needed dash of humor to your day. It's also an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates a healthy dose of sarcasm, because, let's face it, who doesn't love a fox that knows how to throw some shade?

So, get ready to unleash your inner fox and let the world know that you're not responsible for any facial contortions caused by mind-numbing conversations. Grab your notepad today and start sassing away with style! Remember, the fox says, "Enough already!"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

For someone with RBF, this is perfect.

Brittney Brown

I am definitely a list maker so this was a necessity. Great for work or at home. Plus I just love the sassy fox 😊


It's my face with words! Love it

Great quality

Great quality. Notepad explains exactly how I feel everyday at work


I love these and I am giving them to some of my coworkers for Christmas. I can’t wait.

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